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Essential tips to improve CakePHP development

CakePHP is one of the popular frameworks preferred by PHP developers across the world for its modesty and the way it provides appropriate structure to the PHP applications. Based on Ruby on Rails concept, this web application framework makes it easier for the developers to get on with the PHP web development process that too really quick with the lesser code required to develop. Features like MVC architecture support, easy configuration, code generation and scaffolding, high-end security tools, built-in translations, database access, caching and authentication and various other things required for efficient web development are included in this awesome framework for the convenience of the developers.



CakePHP can be considered as the best tool for rapid, secure and highly reliable PHP development. However, one should take care while developing websites or web applications with CakePHP for there are possibilities for the unpredictable errors to creep in, in spite of the developer’s intense care in the development process. The developers can focus on faultless coding and can put efforts at improving their development methods for the accurate and best outcomes.

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